Diamond Grille Security Door

Security doors play a major part in a home allowing access to the front or rear of the property. Not only do security doors provide a visual deterrent and protection against uninvited guests but also allow airflow through your property without compromising security and safety.


When purchasing a security door, product strength and performance are two major key factors. When a security door is being manufactured by NSA you have peace of mind that a quality door is being installed

Diamond grille security doors are available in both hinged and sliding, while sliding doors can be fitted as a single, double or multistack sliding doors. NSA use a heavy duty aluminium extruded frame, solid aluminium corner stakes and either the standard diamond or decorative diamond grille. Once the grille is inside the heavy duty frame, the grille is then riveted through the frame in several place for extra strength. Our hinged doors come with a upgrade Whitco deadlock as standard however a three point locking system can be added for extra security. With fibreglass mesh as standard, a choice of either aluminium, stainless steel, paw proof mesh or aluminium one way privacy mesh is available upon request.

Diamond Grille – Security screens

Diamond grille security screens are the ideal solution for securing your windows. With total security it enables you to leave windows open and enjoy the airflow through your home, whilst keeping out intruders. They are fixed to the window using security screws. The frames are available in a wide variety of colours.